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  • Cleaning and disinfection of skin superficial injury

    2021-1-30 22:42:49



    Product name: Easy to break –off cleaning and disinfecting swab stick

    Trade name: Longood iodine stick

    Registration No.: Jing Yao Jian Xie (Zhun) Zi 2012 No.1640347

    Product standard: YZB/Jing 1098-2011

    Product components:  4.5g/L-5.5g/L iodine


    Product specification

     Iodine stick  16



     Iodine stick  60




    Core Advantages:


    Safe and effective: unique package design; whole sealing, non-volatilization of drug

    properties; disposable, no secondary pollution, product validity guaranteed


    Light and convenient: light and handy, convenient to carry; mechanically integrated, get

    rid of cumbersome steps with one-stop disinfection


    Global patent: with independent intellectual property rights and registered patents in

    various countries across the globe.


    Advanced technology: the whole sealing disposable packaging technique greatly

    satisfies the demand of the market and improves customer satisfaction.

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